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• It is used to store fuel, water or other liquids.

• It is produced with heater and without insulation as standard. If desired, it is possible to produce without heater and/or insulated.

• It is produced vertically or horizontally.

• It is produced in TSE 712 norms. If desired, it can be re-projected, and it is possible to produce in desired dimensions.

• It is used for the storage of drinking water, petroleum derivatives, all kinds of fuels and chemicals by production from stainless steel.

• They are protected against corrosion. In addition, they are protected against static electrification by providing cathodic protection.

• If it is desired to be buried in the ground, they are protected against moisture by pitching.

• It is under TANSAN warranty for 2 years against factory and workmanship faults.

• It is manufactured as prismatic and cylindrical.

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