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Tansan A.E Stoker model
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• TANSAN Alternative Fuel Stoker boilers are designed to burn all kinds of fuels up to 25 mm in diameter, such as coal, pellets (compressed wood powder), pomace, hazelnut shells. TANSAN Alternative Fuel Hot Water Boilers are designed to work with liquid and gas fuels by first replacing the solid fuel discharge cap with the adapter cap, deactivating the stoker system and adding the burner. By adding a burner to the TANSAN alternative fuel hot water boiler, fuel can be selected in accordance with the economic conditions of the day. Thus, you do not need to make new additional investments. Since it provides smokeless complete combustion, it puts the system into regime in a very short time. It is environmentally friendly, has high efficiency, and is very easy to operate.

• Three-pass system technology is water-cooled and combined with its front chamber and rear cover, it provides higher efficiency with less fuel. Since it is three-pass, elements such as turbulators that create resistance and cause great problems in cleaning are not used. It eliminates human-induced combustion errors. It is the best solution for high capacities where manual loading is difficult.

• Thanks to its large-volume bunker, it saves the trouble of daily filling coal by storing approximately two days' worth of fuel.

• Thanks to the special interior design of the boiler, the gases formed as a result of combustion and combustion are utilized to the maximum extent, and the waste gases harmful to the environment and the flue outlet temperature are reduced to the lowest values.

• Bunker cleaning is easy as the Boiler Bunker is designed to be tilted. The burning pot is made of high temperature resistant special sheet.

• It is easy to use thanks to its digital control panel. With the digital control panel, the fan blows by adjusting the flow rate depending on the boiler water temperature. Fuel Feeding interval and time can be adjusted automatically. When the desired (adjusted) boiler temperature is reached, the fan and reducer are disabled and the boiler goes into sleep mode. It warns the user with the fuel jam warning system.

• Since the combustion chamber is kept wide and long, it provides the opportunity to burn low-calorie solid fuel. Since the fuel loading is done from the bottom by means of a helix, negativities such as extinguishing the flame have been eliminated.

• Excellent thermal insulation is provided against heat losses that may occur in the boiler body. Thanks to the seals used in the covers, a complete sealing is ensured. The external appearance of the boiler is painted with electrostatic paint and gives an aesthetic appearance to the environment.

• Guaranteed for 2 years against factory and workmanship defects.

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Tansan CE
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