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Hello, first of all, thank you for your interest in Tansan.


TANSAN KAZAN ISI VE MAKINE SANAYİ was established in 1989 to operate in the fields of heating, water treatment and pressurization.

Renewing its technology, increasing its access to foreign markets and increasing its competitive power, TANSAN's main production and activity areas are:


Production in the HOUSING Area:

Central System Alternative Fuel Steel Boilers
Central System Natural Gas Fired Steel Boilers
Central System Liquid Fuel Steel Boilers
Central System Solid Fuel Steel Boilers
Solid Fuel Floor Heating
heat exchangers
Fuel Tanks


Production in the INDUSTRIAL Field:

Alternative Fuel Steel Steam Boilers
Natural Gas Fired Steel Steam Boilers
Liquid Fuel Steel Steam Boilers
Solid Fuel Steel Steam Boilers
heat exchangers
Water Softening Devices
Deaerator Tanks


SALES Products

Natural Gas Burners
Diesel Fuel Burners
Fuel Oil Burners
Dual Fuel Burners
Panel radiator
your towel
Steam Boiler Fixtures.


In 2000, TANSAN moved to its factory in Ankara, which was established on an open area of 10.000 m2 and a closed area of 2500 m2.

All of our products, which are produced in our factory equipped with the latest technology, are offered for sale after passing quality-control tests with our expert and experienced team. TANSAN applies ISO 9001:2008 QUALITY MANAGEMENT System and manufactures its products according to CE, TSE, GOST-R standards. TANSAN, which aims to produce environmentally friendly, highly efficient and customer-satisfied products in accordance with world standards, realizes this by using the latest technology, the highest quality of raw materials.

TANSAN, which has participated in dozens of national and international fairs that have been recognized in its sector since 2002, introduces the latest developments in its products to its customers.


TANSAN KAZAN ISI VE MAKİNA SANAYİ started to get the first result in 2006 with the export activities it has been carrying out since 2005. Currently exporting its products to 9 countries, Tansan's export countries are:


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